The poem for today was ‘a poem to yourself’, we weren’t quite sure what that meant, so here is what we came up with.

I want to be a cook
and make hamburgers and hot dogs and fries.
I want to make cheese
and eat it.
I want to go on a cruise
and snorkel in the sea.
I want to drum
in a circle on a djembe.
I want play my harmonica
and learn a new song.

I want to be a marine biologist,
as you can see.
That means studying
math, science and biology.
I want to see a kelp forest,
and snorkel with fish,
this is my wish.

i am confused.
all these memories
taking up space in my mind.
every day I find a new one
leaping out
and wonder
if i will remember.

Don’t worry, I tell myself,
though it seems that days are flashing
forward at a rate that is approaching
light speed,
these whirlwind days are full
of happiness
and growing
of memories
and knowing
that even at light speed
what I do
makes a difference.

Bethany wrote this speech from Bartolome de las Casas point of view for history:

My friends, I have come to talk to you about the horrible mistreatment of the Indians in this New World. I have watched with my own eyes as fellow white men burn, murder and steal from the Indians as though they are not a race to be noticed. I ask that you notice these people, and take it upon yourselves to no longer murder the people that have done you no harm. We come here to their land and make them servants. We require that they work on our land for no pay or little pay with the threat of the lash on their backs. There must be a better way to convert the Indians to Christianity than torture. I have seen a chief that was to be burned alive reject the faith because, in his words, if white men were in heaven, “Then I will not be a Christian, for I would not again go to a place where I must find men so cruel!” Learn from the faith that we are all brothers, we are all made in God’s image and we need to treat each other with respect. The Indian is a proud man, he is not an infidel, he is not a barbarian, he is a brother and until we treat him like one, we will not win their love…and this love is what we truly want them to have for us and for God.

We went to Four mile house for their free day.

We got to pet the horses, we saw two tiny baby bunnies and walked around the property.

The snow was so wet that there isn’t much left, the sun started melting it this morning and poof, wet ground and mud, no snow. Those goats crack me up, all that hair…everywhere.

I like the way the pine beetles make tracks in the trees, not so good for the pines, but it is cool to see.

Tonight we have a night of worship at church, it’s nice to go and just sing. I have no big plans for tomorrow (because we have BIG plans for next Saturday, Doors Open Denver), so we might take a picnic to Chatfield or something.


Here comes a spring snow. Nice and wet and a lot of it. Don’t forget March and April are our snowiest months, we didn’t get much in March, so April here we come. More snow means more water in the summer!

Poem for the day, alliteration.

Snow softly, silently,
drops down daintily,
wrapping the world in white.

Both brown bees have been bossy,
they bring beds and boxes to the bank.
Basically they are blind,
before the breaking of dawn.

Calico cats walk the catwalk
and calico cats can climb.
Dumb dogs eat doughnuts
and dumb dogs get dangerous.

Bowties can be brown,
or blue,
or black,
or blingy,
but really,I like mine rosy red.
Dr. Who dares to wear them deliberately-
because bowties are beautiful.
-B (It’s Dr. Who Bowtie day)

And to think, I was just about to pack up the snowmen.

Maisy says, you want me to go where?

Check the squirrel tree, sniff the snow, pee, run back in.

We’re in for the morning doing school. Grace has a live Q&A session with an oceanographer, we might get out for lunch and if it stops snowing we’ll go sledding on the post office hill. Beans for dinner simmering in the crockpot, just right for a snowy day.

Oh! And the Opera Colorado show last night of Romeo and Juliet was amazing. It was sung mostly in English (and some French) and was abridged, but it was really good. The best quote of the night was from Hannah after Romeo and Juliet kissed 4 times in a row and then had a really long kiss, she said, ‘Are the faking?’ The lady next to her laughed, I said no, they aren’t faking. Grace moved to a better seat so she could see and Hannah was drifting over to the lady next to her, craning around people to see the show. Hannah exclaimed when it was over that ‘it was the best show ever.’ See, take your kids to things they think they will hate, they probably won’t hate it as much as they thought!

Hump day

I decided not to head to WP today. I think I could get there, even though Berthoud pass is icy, but they are expecting snow and I don’t think the van would make it back over the pass in icy/snowy conditions. The kids were looking forward to tubing, but I just don’t think it’s worth the risk of getting stuck. It’s supposed to snow here too, maybe tonight, we can see the clouds rolling in on the weathercam from the mountains. So, we stayed home and did some school. We are going out tonight though, to see Romeo and Juliet with Opera Colorado.

Day 2 – a poem from the point of view of a plant.

In the spring,
I am a pink studded tree,
a cherry blossom tree.
Bees come to take my pollen.
People come to get my berries.
The wind blows my leaves,
and berries fall.
In the fall with my berries gone,
and my leaves falling,
I am just a tree

I am a blue flower.
I sway in the wind.
Suddenly a butterfly lands on me.
Its proboscis tickles me
as it sucks the nectar out of me.
Then I hear a bee buzz,
and the butterfly flies away.
I heave a sigh of relief and then begin to sway,
but then the bee comes closer,
and takes my pollen as he flies away.
I shudder at the end of the day.

I am a flower
attired in pink.
My petals are infinitesimal.
For hours in the grass
I’ve stood
against the wind
enjoying the embrace
of the sun.

Entombed in my warm dark world I wait,
until sun rays reach deep and pull my soul.
I climb out of the depths-
out of the dark.
I unfurl into the atmosphere,
drinking in the dew,
soaking in the golden light.
I stretch forth silky shoots,
and slowly unravel leaves of green.
I sway with the wind, dancing on the breeze,
until summers end calls me down again.

Funny photobomb pics from AutoAwesome yesterday:



Let’s see…Bethany is about to start on her research paper for history – art from the Renaissance, Industrial revolution and Contemporary times (from 1945-present) compared and contrasted. She also has a paper in english analyzing 3 speeches and comparing/contrasting them. Grace is working on her essay of an autobiographical incident (the cruise) while Hannah is working on an essay about Mr. Otter. Grace is also doing a fund raiser for herself, she’s trying to get gas money to go to California and visit with marine biologist Alex and conservationists Mrs. Maris I and Ms. Maris II from Save the Whales. Gas is a big part of the trip, food is another and we’d be camping so that doesn’t cost much (I’ve already found a few free sites, but we’d have to pay for a few nights here and there as the free ones aren’t close to where we’d be.) We don’t know exactly when we’re going, we’re shooting for Sept. and that’s as far as I’ve gotten!

Some cool poetry links here and here.

I’ll be updating the SCFD free days and events/fests under Things to do in Denver shortly. It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Day too, hope you had an awesome sandwich.

(Source – Photo: Bob Laird, USA TODAY)

Start of the week

We went to church, the girls and I worked in the 2′s and 3′s room. We had one daring escapist who thought it was funny to kick the small door in and crawl through to run up the stairs. Everyone else was content to watch a video, sing songs, color, do a craft and stay in the room.

After lunch, James brought Grandma over and we had coffee and doughnuts. She bought me some green earrings for my birthday, which was nice. We stayed in for the rest of the day, we had sandwiches for dinner and watched the last Poirot; he dies, it was sad. But, we have all 13 seasons, so we can go watch a younger Suchet use ‘the little gray cells’ to catch the bad guys.

Today we did school, Bethany has her last block and it’s all core courses: English, History and Earth Science. Today we started on our poem a day, this list comes from Magic and Mayhem’s site, I like it (and I didn’t have to write my own list.)

1. Write a poem where every line starts with the same letter.
2. Write a poem from the point of view of a plant.
3. Write a poem that uses a great deal of alliteration (here’s a refresher what alliteration means).
4. Write a poem to yourself.
5. Write a poem that starts with the first three words of a song lyric that you like. End it with three more words from the lyrics.
6. Create a found poem. Here’s a refresher of what found poetry is. Experiment a lot with where you break the lines and end the poem in order to make the biggest impact.
7. Write a poem with lines that all have odd numbers of words, and no repeat of numbers (for instance, lines could be 7, 5, 9, 13 and 1 word long).
8. Write a poem about a historic figure.
9. Write a poem that retells a fairy tale theme in a new way (for instance, from the perspective of the wicked witch, or with Snow White choosing a different ending).
10. Write a twitter poem — it must be 140 characters or less.
11. Take an old poem of your own and replace at least 50% of the words with new words (they can be synonyms, antonyms or any words at all). See which version you prefer. Then write the poem again with whichever words you prefer.
12. Do the same exercise with a classic nursery rhyme.
13. Write a poem that is exactly 16 lines long and starts with the word sometimes.
14. Write a haiku about winter. (Remember, a haiku is generally 5-7-5 syllables long.)
15. Open up a book and put your finger on a random word. Do it 9 more times. Write down those 10 words and use them in a poem.
16. Write a poem that includes the words other, mother, smother and/or cover at least 10 times (any of the words or all). Feel free to add other words and phrases that sound similar (such as brother and of her).
17. Write a poem as an elderly version of yourself looking back on these years.
18. Write a poem that starts with the word and.
19. Find a photograph that you like (that you took or found) and write a poem to accompany it.
20. Write FOREVER down a sheet of paper. Write a poem with each line starting with the corresponding letter.
21. Pick one of the 24 poets every child should know and read at least 5 poems by her/him, then write a poem about a subject in one of the poems while the poet’s voice is still fresh in your mind.
22. Write a gravestone poem — a poem about someone who has died (made up, real, historical, anyone) that would fit on a gravestone and sum up that person in just a few short lines.
23. Write a poem about an aspect of yourself that is made up for the poem (for instance, what it’s like to be an immigrant or the time you saved the world).
24. Write a dice poem. Get out one or two dice and roll to see how many words each line should be. If you like, roll to find out how many lines long it should be, too.
25. Think of a popular ad slogan and work that into a poem. Try to use the phrase in a totally different way (for instance, making “good to the last drop” be about tears).
26. Write a poem about a childhood memory.
27. Set a timer for 3 minutes and write a random poem about anything that comes to mind nonstop with your non-dominant hand (for instance, your left hand if you are right handed). When the timer goes off, recopy it with your dominant hand and add three lines anywhere in the poem.
28. Write a poem about a dream you’ve had.
29. Write a poem that incorporates at least three senses (for instance, what you can hear, see or taste).
30. Write a poem about yourself in the third person (as if you were writing about someone else).

Here are ours:

Otters on a rock in the ocean,
only swim with seals.
Ocean seals must be playful,
or otters pick a new friend!

Dolphins play in the ocean,
dashing through the waters,
diving daringly in white capped waves,
dancing dolphins swim within.

Mario is a hero -
magnificent video game character.
Mario Party is his game,
mushroom stomping is his aim.

Spring is in the air,
smells of flowers are everywhere.
Stepping in grass so green,
smiling at the springy scene.

The rest of the week looks like: a co-op about My Side of the Mountain and edible plants, a sledding trip to Winter Park, a JASON Q&A event with an oceanographer, a visit to 4 mile house with friends and school.

Dance day

Bethany is still on spring break, she used some of her off time to finish up her fan fiction story. I didn’t realize how large the story had become until she asked if we had enough ink in the printer to print it out, of course, what a silly question – 46 pages later I was rethinking that answer. Yes, she typed a 46 page story about Mario and characters. It’s a good thing she doesn’t have Creative writing in this next block, her teacher would swoon to have to read through and grade that many pages of a story.

Grace and Hannah did their school work quickly. Grace is in the American west in History at the time of cowboys and Native Americans, trains and cattle drives. Hannah is in the Middle ages at the time of feudalism, castles, cathedrals and the plague. Grace is writing an autobiographical event for writing, it’s about the cruise we went on. She has one last week in her Coursera class, this week is part two of Marine conservation. Grace didn’t feel well, so after lunch she took a nap to get ready for dance. Today was observation day, since we only had 2 people dancing we split the time 50/50.

There were a lot of people missing in Grace’s class, spring break was the main reason.

Both dances look pretty good so far, hopefully the people that were missing show up so they can learn more of the dances.

At home I had mole chicken in the crockpot, rice and beans on the stove. Hannah just had rice and beans, I offered to cook some plain chicken (mole sauce has peanuts in it), but she just wanted rice and beans. After dinner we went to the gym and walked on the track, Hannah made it 1 mile, Grace and I did 1.5. Tomorrow we’re hiking with some people in our HS group and we plan on doing 4-6 miles, depending on how everyone is feeling.

Nice day

We had a good weekend, took in the St. Paddy’s Parade, napped, had good pizza at Pizzeria Locale, went to church and saw a show called ‘Tossed and Found’. We took Grandma to the show, she had a good time. The guy was a juggler/dancer/magician, he danced with trashcans, balanced boxes on his thumb and juggled plastic bags – you had to be there, but it was a really good show.

Today they girls woke up late, Bethany took her Art final, Grace and Hannah worked on school and then went to dance. I did not get corned beef and cabbage for dinner, so dinner is whatever we get at Target when we go shopping tonight. The girls are looking forward to tomorrow, we’re going to Pueblo to the Buell museum, raptor center and Lake Pueblo. It was supposed to rain today, now the rain has moved to tomorrow, hopefully it’s light and doesn’t bother us in Pueblo. Wednesday we have a co-op at a bank, Thursday is a new park for park day and Friday is my Jeppensen co-op. Saturday we plan on exploring Chatfield and Sunday is my birthday and we’re going to see the new Muppet movie, because I want to (and it’s my birthday.)

Grace has some new stuff up on her blog, she got a nice note from a marine biologist friend and is gathering supplies for some experiments. Hannah might be getting a new drum (shhh…it’s a surprise) before the next drum circle night in April. Bethany put in her request to be a volunteer at Children’s hospital, but it may be weeks before she hears anything back. Joel has been working extra days and is working on writing up his forms to better express to the lay people on the insurance end why a wheelchair or ambulance was needed for transport. If it’s not the right reason/code, they drag their heels paying the company, so it’s pretty important. That’s about it for today, it was a very pretty day outside, very windy though (which tells me that yes, the weather is going to change.)

A nice park day

Bethany did a little school and got the news that if she had everything done and was making a ‘A’ in Science, she doesn’t have to take the final. She has an ‘A’ and everything is done, so she gets to skip that final. A nice unseen reward. She still has finals in Art, Nutrition and Math to do though.

We went to the park after lunch and we had a small crowd there of public school kids (teacher conferences) and we had our own small crowd of homeschoolers, about 10 families with an average of 2 kids each, so about 20 kids. It was nice to see so many of our friends and some new friends too. Hannah was in a deep conversation with L and I asked his Dad if L liked MLP, no….how about Dr. Who? Yes! Then that’s what Hannah was talking about.

north by northwest

After dinner (Beef soup with cheese tortellini) James and I went to Alamo movie house to see North by Northwest. Any chance I get to see a classic film on the big screen – I take it. If you haven’t seen this classic Hitchcock on the big screen, you are missing out, especially on the airplane scene. We watched this movie with the kids before we went to Mt. Rushmore one time, but it’s always good to see a classic no matter how many times you’ve seen it. Cary Grant is at his best in this film, sure I like him when he was black and white and younger, but in this film he looks pretty good for his age, maybe a bit too tan, but not bad.

Tomorrow we have friends coming over to visit (they are in from China) and school to do and that’s about it.

A snow for Ash Wednesday

It snowed last night and this morning, it was beautiful. We had 4 inches of wet snow clinging to tree branches and coating everything with white. A good start to the day.

I was thinking how nice it would be to start the Easter season with an Ash service, a time to reset, to repent, to remember and to renew. So, we went to Cherry Hills for their service. It was short and somber, we listened to Bible readings, said some liturgy, and received the sign of the cross on our foreheads (or hands.) The ashes are an outward sign of something happening within; I spent the rest of the day forgetting that I had a gray cross on my head, but every time I looked in the mirror – I was taken aback, Oh, yes, that’s right, I have ashes on my head. It was an immediate reminder to think about the day and the upcoming days. The season of Lent is far less commercial than the season of Advent, but there is still a need for reflection and time spent thinking about the true purpose of the season, in this case the death and Resurrection of God’s one and only Son, Jesus. It may be a time to ‘give up’ something, not being catholic we don’t have any rules attached to our observation of Lent. We can give up or take up something. Grace decided to give up chocolate, Bethany dairy, Hannah decided to start reading a book a day and I am giving up frustration and taking up a mantle of prayer. The point is not to leave out something with no replacement, but to fill the void with something good, a kindness, a Bible reading, a prayer, something that makes you better.

Isaiah 61:1-3

1 The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners,
2 to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn,
3 and provide for those who grieve in Zion—to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendor.

We took advantage of the snow to go sledding.

The sun was out and the temperature was rising fast, so we made the first and best tracks on Paintbrush hill.

By the time we got home, all the trees had shed their snow coat and the snow in our front yard was rapidly melting, easy come, easy go.

I made Moroccan stew for dinner and I made way too much. It had pork cubes, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, lentils, tomatoes, onions, apricots, cumin, garlic, chili powder, salt and pepper. We’ll be eating that for lunch tomorrow.

Bethany is done with testing, Grace’s curriculum arrived, we went to the gym to swim, things are getting back to normal.

Happy Mardi Gras

We have our King cake, we have our beads, we’re ready to roll.

Bethany spent the morning testing while I spent the morning cleaning up the school room. Grace’s curriculum will be arriving tomorrow and I needed to put up Hannah’s stuff and throw out the old things we don’t need. We went to IHOP for pancake day after we picked up Bethany. It’s right across from the highschool, so there were lots of teens in there getting free pancakes too. Later we went over to the Botanic gardens for free day, Grace took her extra beads and gave them away to the little kids that were there.

We walked around and Bethany took some pictures for art, it’s the unit on cameras.

Back at home I cleaned the bathrooms and started laundry while the girls played/worked. Dinner last night was Jerk chicken soup, tonight it’s pistachio crusted fish with asparagus and salad. I got tickets for James and me to see North By Northwest at Alamo drafthouse. It’s the first time I’ve been there and the first time we’ve seen that movie on the big screen.

Spring cleaning is getting rough around here, I’m tossing stuff left and right and if you want to keep it, you had better be there when I’m tossing it in the trash. I’m sure I’m going to hear ‘hey, where’s my….’ more than once. But, I can see the floor of my closet and the floor of Bethany’s and that is progress!


Well, we started out on task, Bethany did some papers for Nutrition and some on-line classes, Grace took her Coursera quiz and put her paper in, Hannah played. Then, Bethany made this for Science and well, we got a little crazy making funny things like this and this. I call it computer tech class.

After lunch we went by Chatfield state park to get an annual park pass. Now we can roam in and out of the state parks in CO. We went on a short walk from Gravel pond to the river and back again.

Tomorrow it’s fun and beads at the Manitou Springs Mardi Gras festival.


Grace is hard at work on her research paper. Who knew it was so hard to find free scholarly journals about the North Atlantic right whale? Good thing she has a friend who happens to be a right whale researcher. She just needs one more article and then she’ll put it on her blog. Bethany turned in her Nutrition research paper last week, it’s pretty good, here is a link to it. She wrote another paper for Earth Science about the year without a summer, you can read it here. She also wrote a good research paper for History last semester, you can read it here.

Grace has her pulmonologist appointment this afternoon, then we have nothing for the rest of the day. I’m making bacon wrapped chicken for dinner with a salad and some veggies and we’re going to work out at the gym while the girls swim.

A quick rundown

Ok, so I forgot that on Tuesday I had a mosaic heart co-op.

I provided the paper hearts and things to glue on; in the end the kids made mosaic hearts and hearts for Valentines.

Random pictures from Highlands Ranch.

Thursday we went for a hike on South Table Mt. We started on the NREL side, James could probably see us from his window, if he had the chance to step away from his work. I had hoped that the snow had all melted, which was pretty true.

But I had also hoped that it wasn’t muddy – fat chance.

Someone chose the Tertiary trail, who did that?

It was uphill in the mud (well, okay, all the trails are uphill at this point.) But, this trail was also on the shady side, which meant it was snow and mud, there was no drying out. We got a workout just by pulling 10 pounds of mud up and down the hill. Here’s the snowy side of Green Mt.

We backtracked and went up the other trail, it was a bit drier, but we still had mud on our shoes from the other trail.

It was getting dusk when we left; downtown Denver is in the background.

Note to self – wait until it’s been dry for awhile before getting on this trail!

Friday, Valentine’s Day! Does anyone else make Valentine boxes? We usually go to RAFT (the teacher store) to use materials there, but this year we had some stuff lying around. Grace used her Mardi Gras float.

Hannah wanted puppies on hers.

And Bethany had a TARDIS, cool.

The kids lined up their boxes and then went to play.

Bowling and video games were on the menu (as well as cupcakes, cookies, fruit, veggies and candy.)

After a while, the kids handed out Valentines and then went back to playing for a bit. 2 hours was over pretty quickly and then it was time for a group photo.

Then some of us went over to the ice rink – free skate rentals and free photo booth pics were waiting.

It was the first time Hannah’s friend E had been ice skating, she started off with the ice helper, but soon was skating without it.

Here come the funny photos!

Oh, that was fun!

When James got home we all went to Taco Bell for dinner, hey it’s a 23 year tradition.

We did notice that we spend a lot more there now than we did 23 years ago…of course, we added 4 people to the mix and there isn’t a .59, .79, .99 menu anymore. Look at my card, it’s a fortune cookie!

I got James his Chrismatine present, ‘Hercule Poirot’s Christmas’ – it never got shipped at Christmas. We got Hannah this:


Grace this:


and Bethany this:


Bethany has had so much fun with her ‘Wreck This Journal’, that I thought all the girls would like another work by Keri Smith.

Valentine’s Day is also Maisy’s adoption day. We got her 6 years ago, so we bought her some bones and a new purple baby to chew on.

Crazy dog. Look how cute she was (yes, WAS.)

The Book Thief

It isn’t often that a movie makes me cry, laugh, think, and wrestle with history – The Book Thief movie did all of those. For those who think taking children to see a movie about a girl living during the Holocaust, hiding a Jew in her house and wrestling with her thoughts about Hitler and the world she lives isn’t a good idea, you may be right.

If you have never told your children about the Holocaust, if they have not been to museums dedicated to the telling of the stories of that time, been to exhibits that focus on the danger of being a Jew in Nazi Germany, then this movie probably isn’t a good way to introduce them to the topic. But, Grace instantly recognized Kristallnacht before the screen told her what was happening – we saw an exhibit that showed what the night of broken glass might have looked like if you were on the street that night. Hannah knew why the German man was so mad when Rudi pretended to be Jesse Owens. Bethany knew why Hans, stepping in to put in a good word for his neighbor, had just signed his own conscript. We were devastated with Liesel when Max had to leave, when her brother died, when her world came crashing down. Go…see…this….movie, or better yet, read the book and then go see the movie.

School was up and running today, so we made quick work of math, science, reading, nutrition, art and spelling. Grace is about to do her writing assignment for her Coursera class, she has to use Google earth to find her distance from the nearest ocean, give the lat/long and a description, find another location and describe it and find the tracking data for yellow eyed penguins and answer questions about their behavior. I think I’ve figured out where we’re hiking tomorrow, South Table Mt. on the NREL side, it should be less snowy/muddy over there.

Almost Friday!


It was cold Tuesday and Wednesday, it was supposed to snow today, but so far it hasn’t. Last night it was -11 at 7pm. It was colder in Denver during the day than it was in the mountains. So, all our snow is still in the yard. It’s so cold that if you let Maisy outside to go to the bathroom, you have to lead her to her usual spot, otherwise she just sits on the porch with an ‘I can hold it forever’ look on her face. We went to the gym Tues. night, but not last night. I was warm and cozy on the couch with a fire going and hot Chinese chicken soup in me, so we skipped the gym.

Today our high is 3, at least that’s 3 above zero. The girls worked on school stuff in the morning with the basement heater in full blast. Bethany’s Nutrition teacher called to tell her she’s doing a great job, keep it up. Grace took her quiz for week one in her Coursera class (Marine Megafauna) and got 22 out of 25 points. Hannah typed up her spelling words and is watching the progress bar go up with each lesson she clicks off. It’s much more fun to see it got from 90-100 than from 0-90.

This afternoon I have my Mardi Gras co-op, we’ll be reading books, listening to music, decorating floats and masks and eating King cake. Pics to come.


But, before I forget, I have to tell you about brunch at Jezebel’s….and why you shouldn’t park uphill on the ice. Since the girls were still at the sleepover Sunday morning, James and I got to try another restaurant on our list – Jezebel’s. It’s in the Highlands (what awesome restaurant isn’t?) It’s Southern food and drinks, I was looking forward to some grits and other items. I had the chicken and waffles and I’ve decided that there isn’t just one place that has great chicken and waffles, there must be at least two, Euclid’s and Jezebels. Picture this – a Belgian waffle cut into fourths. You place a waffle on the bottom and add a crispy chicken strip, then a slice of crispy bacon, then a fried egg, then a dab of Nutella, top with the other waffle, spread honey butter and slather the whole thing in syrup. Yeah, I know – amazing awesomeness in every bite. James had the 3 egg Cajun omelet – boudin and andouille sausage, red bell and poblano peppers, white cheddar cheese. I had cheese grits, he had home fries (the grits were better.) If you go, make a reservation, it’s a small place and with food this good I’m sure there is a wait on a nightly basis. Oh, and don’t park uphill in the snow. After many attempts to get the car out of the parallel spot without hitting cars around us, we resorted to the car mat trick. I am here to tell you – it works. If you get stuck in the snow/ice, put your car mats in front of your tires, they will love the traction and you’ll be out in a jiffy. Make sure to pull up onto road to get traction before stopping to pick up the mats!

The girls fell asleep early last night, must have been a combo of the late night Sat. and swimming Sun. night. We got started with school right on time and by 11 (for Grace and Hannah) and 2 (for Bethany with one on-line class, lunch and a break in that time frame along with other school work) we were done for the day. After school we went to a new sledding hill, it’s a bit of a thrill ride with a section going over the sidewalk and a drop on the other side, but the girls had fun.

Here’s Grace going down on the tube, it slid the furthest (if you listen close you can hear her scream when she flies over the sidewalk and down the other side.)

We’re getting more snow to go on top of the last layer, so I foresee more sledding runs, maybe to Ruby Hill….

Ever wanted to squish your kids?

I got bored just standing there, so I took a picture of this icicle in the tree.

Google thought this picture needed more snow.

We thawed out with some drinks at Starbucks, then headed to the library for a graphic novel art class. I thought the artist was going to show the kids how to make a graphic novel, instead he talked about how cool his job was, showed them some books he drew and gave them some handmade books to make their own art. Hannah wasn’t impressed. I came in and helped her make boxes for her story and showed her how to draw the cat Chi. Here is her cat.

The next art class at the library is with a person from Young Rembrandts, so I expect there to be teaching going on at that one.

Dinners this week (can you tell it’s cold? Lots of crockpot meals.)
Beef stew with carrots, snap peas and barley
Flank steak with mushroom stuffing, roasted cauliflower, quinoa
Chinese chicken, leek and cabbage soup
Sausage and potato soup
(Friday we’re hitting the Artwalk and eating Ethiopian food.)

Tomorrow, Bethany and Hannah get some baby teeth pulled, Wednesday a hike (or sledding or both), Thursday is a Mardi Gras co-op, Friday it’s the Artwalk, Saturday is DDD and James and I are going to see Casablanca with live orchestra music.

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