School, cafe’, shopping, trinkets.

This morning it snowed. Not a lot, just enough to cover the rocks in the front yard and fluff on the grass for a bit.

Small flakes buried themselves in tree crevices and tried to pile onto the leaves. When the wind swirls the flakes, it’s magical. They float softly, then fly this way and that, then swirl back down. I love watching the snow, especially when the puffs are huge and drape over the grass like a blanket. By the time the girls woke up, the shower of snow was over and the clouds only puffed out a few here and there. We did school and everyone put on a jacket instead of turning the heater on, just because we were lazy. We read about Androcles and the Lion, about the Earth, we did vocabulary, grammar and spelling and math. Bethany worked on a paper for Life skills and went to an on-line class.

For lunch we went to Cafe’ 180 and had pizzas, broccoli cheese soup, a southwest chicken wrap, spinach and goat cheese salad and a meatball sandwich. Hannah had a side of goat cheese, since she only picks out the cheese when she gets a salad there. Then we walked around Broadway and went in some shops, an antique store, thrift store, book store, and Native American bead shop. We found some cool stuff, Grace found these whales and a dolphin chime.

Bethany found a cute brown tea pot and some yerba mate tea.

I found this star, lantern and block of wood covered with stamps.

Here is my newly decorated mantle.

Hannah got a stuffed penguin and a necklace that has either a raccoon or a red panda on it, it could be either one, we’re not sure. We went by the MOA, but they had closed early.

It’s been snowing off and on and raining at points too so I don’t know if we’ll go to the First Friday Artwalk, we were going to the Golden one for the first time too…..we’ll have to see how the weather is in a bit.

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