I think

that may have been the longest time I’ve gone without posting. We’re here, we’re fine, but my computer fan died and the girls are always on the computers downstairs, so I snuck down here early to post before school.

Last Saturday we took Grandma C. to the river to watch us swim. A lot of people sit on the banks and watch the swimmers/tubers go by. I think they are just betting on who will fall off their tube and how long the swimmers will last in the water. I dare say that today we could not have lasted too long. The water was 56, I know that’s only 4 degrees less than last time, and it was sunny and warm, but dang! Those 4 degrees really help you have a better swim.

Sunday we went to church and pretty much sat around the house doing nothing except for one spurt of energy when James and I put a new ceiling fan in the living room.

Monday James was off, so we went to the gym. Then we picked up Grandma and BBQ’d chicken at home. We made a pumpkin pie, Skype’d with my Mom and watched Operation Petticoat. It’s hard to tell when Grandma is joshing you, she acted like she thought the movie was a war documentary and that we really painted out subs pink back then, we told her it was a movie, but she just kept saying how she could not believe that we painted our subs pink (I think it would be more unbelievable that we let Cary Grant and Tony Curtis run that pink sub, but that’s just me.) We ended the day with a trip to the movies to see Monster’s University, it was an okay movie. I thought the first one was funnier.

Tuesday we did school and then headed to Longmont for my museum co-op. It’s the first time we’ve paid to go there (for a special exhibit.) The main exhibit was all about Legos, I thought the kids would like it and I expected to learn something too.

They had lots of cool Lego art and sculptures.

The first thing I learned was that Lego (the company) made Modulex bricks for adults to use in the early 60′s.

These bricks were a 5:5 ratio instead of 6:5 (those bricks made it harder to replicate the building you were trying to build.) Bethany was just happy that she found a Mario in that case.

Though the bricks were aimed at the architect demographic, it was industrial planners who took a liking to them and used them. The next very cool thing I learned is that Lego bricks were made right here in Colorado in Loveland by the Samsonite company.

Yep, the company that brought you suitcases also brought you Legos. This was the first US offering of the toy bricks (sets came later, starting in 1964.)

Okay, enough history, let’s play! (Yes, even teens enjoy Legos.)

After touring around the museum we went over to the cheese shop.

We cooled off in the cheese fridge where Hannah was in her natural cheese element.

We had a snack and the kids took off upstairs to talk.

And read.

And find the Stinky Cheese man.

And pose.

It was a nice day.

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  1. Dana Says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun at the museum! And, it is amazing what some people can build with them. Wow. Neat to hear a little of the history, too.

    We are actually visiting Boston & just got back from taking part in the Boston tea party! I will definitely have to blog about it. Wish I’d taken a few photos with my phone so I could blog right now!

    Thanks for telling me about the courses. Will definitely take a look at those

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