V is for vocal chords, SAME and chutes!

This morning Grace had rehab/PT at National Jewish. Back in June (when she was sick and the smoke was in the air and she coughed all month) she messed up her vocal chords. They were closing when they should have been open and it’s the reason why we went to triage twice – the chords were closing and the medicine couldn’t get down into the trachea and lungs and she couldn’t relax enough to breathe. Vocal chords are muscles and they have muscle memory – muscle memory is a good thing in dance, it helps you to remember what you are supposed to be doing at a certain point in the song. But, muscle memory for vocal chords can be bad, especially when they have been constricting due to coughing or irritants. So, Grace learned how to open her vocal chords with a short burst of air and then keep them open with a steady flow of back pressure from expelling air through almost closed lips. Now, just in case her lack of oxygen is being caused by twitchy vocal chords, she is to do the exercise before doing a neb or taking a rescue inhaler. That way if the constriction is solely her vocal chords, it will help and if it’s a combo of chords and lungs this will help the medicine get into her lungs faster.

Since we were right down the street, we stopped in at SAME cafe’ for lunch. We were starving, so it’s a good thing that Brad and Libby had: veggie noodle soup, Asian coleslaw, tomato pizza with blue cheese and squash and garlic pizza ready for us to chow down on. We needed a filling up before heading over to the chutes to swim.

Yay, the chutes! It was busy with kayakers, paddle-boarders and tubers….and people like us just swimming.

All three of us (Bethany was reading a book under the bridge) managed to fall down the chutes at least once without meaning to.

Hannah was taken totally by surprise when the eddy of water she jumped into swished her over the chute’s edge and into the next pool before she knew it. I went down three levels without meaning to after jumping in and failing to swim far enough over to the side. But, no bumps or scrapes, so that’s good.

We played around there for 2 hours and then grabbed an ice cream at LM’s. Today we had: butter pecan, honey gelato, chocolate chip cookie dough and dulce de leche. True story – as the girls were swirling around in the chute pool Hannah cried out, ‘Odysseus! The Charybdis is swallowing us up!’ For your viewing pleasure – how to swim in the chutes:

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