It’s time for another episode of…

Duck, duck dupe!

Can you spot the dupe? The Duckini familini was being very silly today, wearing presents from their cousin who was helping out with the show.

Story 1 – King Henry the VIII wanted to impress the ladies with his muscular calves. Unfortunately the style of clothing back then was puffy and well….covering.

So, after listening to his advisers advise against wearing sleeves on your legs (or, as we know them, pants) the King decided that even the ancient Romans were incorrect and pants were not gross, they were in fact wonderful for showing off your calves to the ladies.

And so, pants began to be the fashion to wear. (Because what the King says….goes.)

Story 2 – In the 1920′s a unique individual named Shipwreck Kelly decided to do something daring.

He climbed to the top of a flagpole and sat; this amazing feat soon became a fad and everywhere across the US people were climbing flagpoles and….sitting. To continue to be famous he decided to eat 13 doughnuts while standing upside down on a board hovering above the city. No one followed him on this journey and he was famous once again.

Story 3 – In the year 300 a certain doctor was wondering where all his patients had gone.

Turns out they were visiting another doctor in town who was healing people of malaria by saying the word ‘abracadabra’ over and over (losing one letter each time), but, everyone was doing that. The curious doctor snuck over to the office of his competition to see what was going on.

He found out that the doctor was being very showy and performing magic. So, the first doctor started healing patients with magic and became the worlds first magician, which was good because he wasn’t a very good doctor.

So, which two stories are true, based on facts, and which one is totally fiction?



And the dupe is…………………………………

Story 3!

Story one is true – check out King Henry’s sculpted calves (that won him the ladies!)


Story two is true – Shipwreck Kelly (nicknamed that because he survived the Titanic sinking – or did he?) did start the flag pole sitting trend and here is a photo of him, upside down, eating doughnuts, on a board high above the ground.


Story three is false, although Roman doctors did think that saying ‘Abracadabra’ with one less letter each time would cure malaria, there was no Roman doctor who invented magic to show off to his patients (and call it medicine.)

Thanks to Buntport for another great show!

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