GS water day

Today we went to the Aurora reservoir for the GS water journey badge.

We played globe toss and found out that about 70% of the earth is water.

We watched a demonstration about how much water on the earth we can use for drinking water – not that much.

We went outside and played a water molecule game.

The kids could start at any station, pick up a bead, roll the dice and then they would get transported to another part of the water molecule cycle.

Sometimes you would get stuck in one place, like the clouds, and had to wait awhile before traveling to plant, soil, groundwater, river, ocean, lake or animal. Then we did a scavenger hunt finding out how much water the average person uses in one day in different places. The US was 2nd with 150 gallons per person. Ethiopia/Cambodia was only 5 gallons per person, Canada was 155, Britain was 50, Ghana was 10 and so on.

From there we sat and listened to how much rain we get and what goes into a storm drain and where that ends up.

They had a glass of water and put oil, soap, dog poop, gas, fertilizer and trash in it, all things that could wash off lawns and streets and end up in rivers, lakes and streams. Then we hiked around the reservoir to do some bug sampling. I know you’re wondering, why are my girls the only two in the water?

They just are. We found scuds, diving beetles, mayflies and a pupa case. On the way back to the building we saw a cormorant sitting on the pier.

That was fun, Hannah really wanted to go swimming, but I told her there will be days coming when it’s hot enough to do so. Bethany was there too, she helped out during the games and then talked to a Mom and played with her smaller kids while we were at the water.

We met Grandma and James at Texas roadhouse for an early dinner. We found the book she has been asking about at the storage place today, it was in the very last box (of course) that we looked in. We made 4 trips to Goodwill dropping off her furniture (with her blessing) and then we moved the last 5 boxes into a smaller and cheaper unit. That was a pain, remind me to scale down as I get older so I have less stuff to move when I retire.

Tomorrow is dance, last day before rehearsal Friday and recital Saturday.

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