CO history and MCA

Time for a break! This morning we headed downtown with our library passes and got into two museums for free. I wanted to go to the Colorado history museum to see the Jefferson Bible and A-Z Denver exhibits. We parked the car and I took this pic looking back at the DAM.

Hannah and Grace played in the Keota town exhibit while Bethany and I looked at the Denver A-Z exhibit. D is for devoted fans.

K is for knockout, you could match up two things in the ring and see who would win (DIA’s evil blue horse vs. everyone – horse wins. Buffalo Bill vs. Denver’s brown cloud – Bill wins!)

J is for joy…at Casa Bonita.

Okay, it’s a cheesy place, but it was featured in a Southpark episode which makes it cool. B is for Big Blue Bear that beckons you to take a picture.

Wild chipmunk! (I rode that, it’s scary.)

Z is, of course, for zombies (as in the dead people under Cheesman park – but they are really just dead, not zombies.) We got our timed tickets for the Jefferson Bible and went inside. We watched two videos about the book and about Jefferson and then went into a guarded room (no photos) to see the actual Bible. Jefferson wanted to distill the Bible down to things that Jesus actually said or things about Jesus (but without the miracles or the Resurrection, which I find strange.) He wanted a kind of moral code to live by where things like: love your neighbor and love your enemy are spelled out (but apparently God has the power to raise the dead is not.) It was interesting to see this 200 year old book (and some of the Bibles that he cut up to make into his book.) You can find out more about the Jefferson Bible here. It will be at the museum until May 27th.

We left there and walked over to Subway for lunch, they had Perry the platypus lunch bags and wallets, Hannah was thrilled.

We rode the shuttle down to the end and walked over to the MCA.

Upon entering we saw that the knitting ninjas had been to the museum (actually it’s an exhibit from the Ladies Fancywork Society.)

Inside we wandered the new exhibits: rural life photos, a video art piece, Critical focus by Tyler Beard,

and dance art by Karen Kilimnik.

Don’t touch the glitter! Grace stayed to watch the ballet in the room because the last part was based on Don Quixote.

Upstairs we played in the bean bag room, it’s a room with a view (we were watching the workers haul snow in big canvas tarps with the crane.)

We played picture tag, gotcha!

We left the museum and walked back to the shuttle stop, the building progress over at Union station is getting along nicely.

I liked the new design until I saw (what I assume to be) the parking garage as you come up 16th, it shadows over the side of the station, I don’t like that.

We got back on the bus (look, the new electric shuttles are on the mall, they are cool.)

We stopped twice to listen to some performers. This was a group of Hare Krishna devotees.

They weren’t very good. This group was better, they were pretty good singers, but overall they played a great sounding folk music style; we gave them a tip.

We hopped back on the shuttle and got off at Mcd’s for a cone, then walked back to the car.

Grab a museum pass from the library here and go check them out for free.

2 Responses to “CO history and MCA”

  1. Tom Aron Says:

    I appreciated the picture tour. Haven’t been in that neighborhood for years. Big changes; most are very nice. TOM

  2. Katie Says:

    I always like your posts about Downtown…working down here for 6 years, I have grown to dislike the 16th street mall area. Your posts remind me of the “cool” stuff that I probably take for granted.

    Also, that building that looks like a parking garage right now, on the 16th street mall stide of the station, is actually going to be an office building, at one point in time they had proposed retail on the ground level….we office right across the street so I know way too much about that re-development haha! But, I do agree, it blocks the view of the side of Union Station, it’s just not the same.

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