How to celebrate 40

First, wish for snow – granted! (We had a foot by the time it stopped, but that didn’t stop my birthday from happening, thank goodness.)

I started the day with breakfast at Chick-Fil-A with my Schnooke. (I was wearing my 40 ribbon that we bought at RAFT.) He gets up very early and I am lazy, so we hardly ever get breakfast together. The snow was already a few inches deep and we sat by the window and watched it fall, nice.

The girls were at home making my cake, we gathered up the cake and some of the presents and went to Grandma’s place.

I notice a theme going on here – black….

We were going to take her to lunch with us, but the snow was so deep on the walkway, we changed our plans.

We grabbed the private dining room and had cake and opened presents there.

I got a sparkly water globe Easter egg, a jewelry box, a new purse and a heart necklace.

We ate the cake and visited for a bit, then we took off for The Walnut Room for lunch.

James had never been here and we like the pizza, so I thought it would be a great place for lunch (plus it was close to Buntport theater, our next stop.)

I had the walnut pizza, it’s so good, very thin crust. I’m glad that Grandma didn’t come, she would have thought the music loud and they didn’t have any soup….we had a good time though. After lunch we walked next door to a bookshop that we have never been in (I know amazing, but true.) We each got a book: cookbook, fractal postcards (mine), kids encyclopedia and fairy tales. Then we headed over to Buntport for the new Saturday show.

We’re long time fans of tRUNks and we were sad to see it go, but now there is a new show in town.

It’s called: Duck, Duck, Dupe. The Duckini familini tells you three stories, two are true or are based on facts, the other is a dupe, totally made up.


During the show they also pick one person to come up and do a lightning round, picking out the one dupe in the bunch. As always they have an incentive for pricing, roll the dice for your ticket price and get $1 off if you dress like a duck (this is as close as we could come today.)

Can you guess the dupe? First story, a woman in Britain in the 1700′s amazes medical professionals with the fact that she loves bunnies so much that she birth to a litter of bunnies.

Second, a man in Barrow, Alaska sells the townspeople sunshine juice in the 1800′s during the time of year when the sun doesn’t come up, it’s so dark the people are sad and can’t see anything unless they drink the sunshine juice.

Third, a priest in Mexico keeps his orphanage going by being a professional wrestler in the evening. He retires after 23 years and boys from the orphanage keep the wrestler’s name alive by wrestling at night.

Well, if you guessed story number 2 as the dupe….you’re right! (Mary Toft tricked docs into thinking she gave birth to bunnies, silly English! And Father Sergio did dress up as a wrestler to save his orphanage.) In order to vote for which story you thought was a dupe, you had to quack. The girls quacked for number one, I quacked for number two and James quacked for number three – I won. The story of the sunshine juice seller in Alaska was a dupe, there was no such peddler (and it’s not so dark there during the winter that you can’t see your hand in front of your face like they said in the story.) For avid fans of tRUNks, you can’t go wrong with Duck, Duck, Dupe.

It’s got funny stories, clever wit, shadow puppets and funny accents. It’s a bit of theater, play and puppet show laced with comedy and tied up with a bow of laughter. Our hats off to Buntport’s creative crew for what will become a monthly tradition for us. (The new show runs every 2nd Saturday at 1 and 3pm.) I’m so glad they started the first show on my birthday!

We went home to rest and take a nap for awhile. James and I had dinner plans, but first we recharged for a bit. It was still snowing outside, but a bit lighter than earlier. Grace took this picture of me before we left.

I opened up two more presents, one from everyone (hmm….they must think I like math..):

And one from Joel (I didn’t think I’d get away without one moustache present.)

I consulted the Westword restaurant guide (always the place to check for a cool place to eat, they haven’t steered me wrong yet) and found The Broker restaurant. It’s been a Denver staple for 40 years, it’s in an old bank and you can eat in the vault – sold!

It seems a bit pricey, but with every meal you get: endless peel and eat shrimp, soup or salad (the French onion was delish), entree and side.

We ate two bowls of shrimp, then our soup came. I had the tomato basil and it was rich and had a wonderful texture. James had the French onion, which was the chef’s special and it smelled wonderful. We had fresh rolls and butter that had a hint of molasses in it.

I had the steak Diane, which you can’t see in the picture as it’s underneath the red wine, scallions, mushrooms, garlic, whole grain mustard, and cognac served over Yukon Gold potato cakes. James had the filet mignon spiced just right and served medium rare and juicy.

Our waiter took this picture, we are sitting in one of the old deposit box viewing booths. They used to have a door that would lock shut, inside the booth is a switch that would tell the guard that you’re ready to come out.

The bank was built in 1903 and the secure vault section (inside the round lock vault) held Colorado’s gold reserves until they were moved to the Fed bank on 16th. For dessert we had creme brulee and it was good. That was a cool place, good food, amazing history, I’m glad we went there.

And that is how you celebrate your 40th birthday!

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