Friend party {‘Cuz I’m 39 and 364 days old}

Since I never get a friend party for my birthday, I got one this year. Because, I hear, that turning 40 is a big deal – so I thought I’d get some friends and go to Chuck E Cheese’s for my party.


Yes, that’s right, CEC sans kids – no kids, just us.

So, I invited my friends, bought a cake (hey, I’m prepared) and gathered some supplies to take CEC: moustaches to color and cut out (you need those for a moustache party),

cards and random acts of kindness hearts for everyone to take home and hand out,

homeless bags for everyone to take and hand out,

two prizes (one for the most tickets and one for the skeeball champ) and a moustache for Chuck E (who apparently doesn’t know where moustaches belong – it’s a moustache, not spectacles.)

Chuck E was eyeing my spread.

We colored our moustaches and then headed over to the skeeball area where there were 5 open lanes.

The numbers kept going up, 15,000.. 23,000..26,000…and finally 31,000 (Marsi won.)

We played some other games trying to win tickets, I won the jackpot on one game (but the pot was only up to 12 tickets, sigh.)

We played until we ran out of tickets and then turned them in. We determined the ticket winner (Christine) then we found a little girl who had only a handful of tickets and gave her our stash (‘stache!) – about 600 tickets. Her Mom said thanks, but I don’t think the little girl realized how many tickets were now hers!

We went back to the table to eat cake, Kelly brought this luscious lemon cake, so we had that instead of the King Soopers cake.

I opened up presents: the lovely lemon cake, foot scrub and lotion, face masks, nail polish (and the girls are supposed to give me a pedicure),

moustache straws – how fun is that?

DMNS tickets and a funny card,

and this pretty glass window hanger.

OMGosh guys, ya’ll are so nice. We giggled around the table and talked, we were waiting for Chuck E to come out again, but I guess he was on a smoke break. So, we asked an employee to take our picture.

Happy 40th? Yes, yes it was (actually it’s tomorrow, but I like this 2 day birthday idea.) We are definitely going to have to go to CEC for a Teacher’s Night Out one of these days, that was great!

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  1. Grandma Peek-a-Boo Says:

    Sounds like fun – what a great idea.

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