Gung Hay Fat Choy! (And…certifried!)

Today I had my Clay Chinese New Year creations co-op. Whew, long title.



What it meant is that we read a book about Chinese New Year, listened to Chinese music and created dragons (for good luck) or snakes (this is the Year of the Snake) or any other animal on the Chinese calendar.

Chinese dragons don’t have wings, but some of the books I got had regular winged dragons, so we had a few of those.

Here’s a horde of snakes that eventually became 1 snake and 1 dragon.

Monkeys, rabbits, and snakes..oh my!

The kids were very creative and took their time or smashed their clay and started over (and over again in Hannah’s case.)

This is not a Chinese calendar animal, I think it looks like Wilson from the Castaway movie.

I found these cool feathers and they were used on just about every clay creation.

We used the Crayola air dry clay and I really liked it. When it dried out, you just added a dab of water and went on. If it cracked you could smooth it over with a dab of water and if something fell off you reattached it with a dab of water. It takes 2-3 days to dry, the smaller pieces are almost dry now. Everyone took their pieces home and will paint them there, it was going to be difficult to transport pieces back to the library to paint.

After the co-op the Moms chatted for awhile and then I raced home. I dropped off the girls and got dressed for my educator’s evening at the Fed. It said business casual and I figured holey jeans would give me away as a homeschooler, so I put on some black pants, put on earrings, put my hair in a bun and grabbed my black sweater – teacher’s look out! The traffic was horrible, but I eventually made it downtown. We had a Chinese New Year dinner (funny, since I had just had a co-op about it) and I grabbed every free resource that was offered (typical homeschooler!) I sat and listened to a lady from the Fed give a talk about US and Colorado economics, GDP, FOMC, taxes, job creation, unemployment and more. When the evening was over I was ‘certifried!’ (It’s from a cartoon.) I now have 2.5 hours of ‘professional development training on economic education and the national and regional economy’ from the Federal Reserve Back of Kansas City (Denver branch.)


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