Catch up

Tuesday the girls watched Dumbo before school started, I was busy so I let them watch it (plus it’s short.) We did school, missed out on a science experiment due to lack of ingredients and had lunch. We went to the library for the Buntport shadow puppet show, Jessica was there and said ‘Hi’ to the girls, we haven’t seen her in awhile. Jess started by getting the kids up and moving around the room, they had to imitate slow movements, erratic movements and other things. Then she showed them gel filters that could change the light behind the puppet screen.

She went over how to make the puppets look blurry or sharp and then we did a buddy exercise where one person was the puppet and one was the puppeteer and we had to make them into a doctor. Then we worked on our own shadow puppets, Grace made a bell, Hannah made a cat, sun, cloud and flower and Bethany made a 4 leaf clover (I made an elephant, must have had them on the mind because of Dumbo.)

We did get to help make a story, Bethany was handling the boy and girl puppets in the story in this scene, then everyone got to see how their puppets looked from behind the screen.

Today we got up early, did devotions and went to NIA class. The girls participated in more than 2 dances (that’s all I require) and really it was a full room today, so it’s good that they sat out some of it. We went home and got lunch and dinner ready (chicken eggplant casserole, I wanted to have it ready so I could throw it in the oven when I got home in the evening.) We did some school and the headed to the park for park day.

It was sunny, not windy and in the 50′s so it felt wonderful.

The girls took off their jackets after they ran around for a bit, everyone had fun playing, running, swinging and laughing.

We stopped by Grandma’s place to visit and play Hangman with her and the other folks there. If it weren’t for the girls, nothing would have gotten guessed, out of the 8 players from the home only two of them would pipe up now and then with a letter for the hangman board. So, the girls ended up guessing letters and words for the most part. We went up to her room and cleaned up the dishes and set some things up, she’s getting used to her space, but is still asking where everything else is (in storage.)

I got home and put dinner on and now I’m about to head out the door to drop Joel at the CU Denver campus for a medical lecture. Tomorrow we have a new dryer coming, yay..clean socks! We have another park day (well, it is really nice weather…) and we’re playing Bingo and eating dinner at Grandma’s place. I hope the Bingo goes better than the Hangman did.

The Joy dare today was: 3 ways I witnessed happiness today. Everyone at NIA class smiles. You never saw happier people dancing away for an hour than us in that class. There was a lot of happiness at the park today, friends seen, games played and sun shining. And, Grandma was happy to see us, even if she wasn’t too keen on Hangman.

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