The Fox and the Titanic

No, it’s not a new fable by Aesop (although….) this morning we went to the Fox theater with our HS group to see the Cleo Parker Robinson dance group.

We’ve never seen them, so it was a treat to get to see them for free.

The theater was packed and the group put on a great dance show; they danced us around the world to different holiday celebrations like: Diwali, Hanukkah, Las Posadas, Winter Solstice, New Years day in the Bahamas and festivals in Africa.

They got us up on our feet to dance to a few songs, like the African welcome song ‘Funga Alafia’, the ‘Dreidel’ song and a few others.

It was fun, I’m so glad (again) that the city uses some tax money to fund the cultural activities so that we have this great resource to use.

After the theater we went to Mcd’s with some friends to eat and play. Then we headed over to the teacher supply store to browse around. We were just killing time until the library program (since it was on that end of town.) We got to the library and listened to a curator from the Molly Brown house and museum tell us about Margaret Brown and her trip on the Titanic. After laying the story out for us she had the kids put on coats and gloves and everyone got an ‘artifact’ to examine. One of the artifacts was real, the rest were reproductions.

Everyone got a turn to tell about their piece and tell whether they thought it was real or fake. Hannah had a menu, she thought it was real, but we convinced her that paper wouldn’t last 100 years under water.

Grace had a Captain’s hat, but again it was in too good of a condition to be the real deal.

Bethany had a piece of coal and she said that she thought it was real because: coal was used on the Titanic to power the ship and the piece of coal was in a protective glass case.

Turns out she was right, the piece of coal was brought up when they found the ship and is on display at the Molly Brown house. (Other items were a bar of soap, a necklace, a tea cup, a china plate, a china cup, a ushabti, and a telegraph receiver.)

Fun day!

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