My goodness, we haven’t been to NIA (neuromuscular integrated aerobics) class in ages. When we showed up, the ladies in the class were all over the girls, telling them how big they have gotten and asking where we have been…it doesn’t seem like that long, but I guess the last time we went was in late September. It was good to be back, I know that we can’t do two mornings a week…it just messes up our school schedule, but maybe we can start doing Mondays again.

After class we went by the store and got Bethany a new coat, she needed one. We are going to be out in the cold tomorrow and now that our weather has finally caught up to the month we’re in, it’s good to have a nice coat. Back at home we did some school, Bethany is on circuits so I found a few things to go along with that like: Circuit world, where you can set up a circuit board and try to run it. Learning circuits where each step in the process is spelled out for you (for younger kids.) For a bit harder game and experience with energy and electricity, try Plug in 2 engineering. A younger version called Energy experience is on the same site. (Plus we have a snap circuit board in the house to play on.) Is that enough energy links for you?

Tonight Bethany has a bottle-cap jewelry making session at the library, I have dinner in the oven and we have a Charlie Chan movie to finish watching. Oh yes, and Joel passed his practical EMT certification test yesterday. Now he has to take the state written test and then he will be a certified EMT.

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