Jazz, cleaning, birthday party and carriage rides

Friday night we took the kids to the college for a jazz concert. Your local community college is a great place to find free concerts. This jazz duo was great, they autographed a poster for the girls afterward.

Saturday we cleaned, Joel practiced for his test on Sunday, I read, the kids played and it snowed…just a little.

Sunday we went to a birthday party – it was a surprise (boy, was it a surprise!) My friend now has an official teenager, welcome to the club! Joel passed his test (yay!) Now he has to take the state test. On the way home the girls and I stopped at South Fellowship to enjoy a Christmas party. They made marshmallow snowmen, played games, and made painted ornaments.

We listened to the hand bell choir and went out in the 20 degree night to ride a carriage. The horses’ breath was steaming in the night air.

A cup of hot cocoa and blankets made the ride a bit warmer.

We grabbed a box of popcorn and sat down inside to watch the last of It’s a Wonderful Life that had been playing in the youth room. That George, always ends up better off than when he started. We went home full of cider, cookies and cocoa. The weather was great for the festivities, it seems more like Christmas when it’s cold.

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