Grace and Hannah had a birthday sleepover the night before, so I headed over to pick them up. We were too late for church, but we did go by to drop off our Angel tree present. The girls had picked a girl, age 11, who wanted ‘blingy girl stuff’. I hope she likes the presents we got her. Doing an Angel tree present (Angel tree means that one or both of the child’s parents are in jail) gives us a chance to help others with what we have and it fosters a sense of giving in the kids. Knowing that someone might not get a gift for Christmas because their Mom or Dad is in jail was a wake up call for the girls, they wished we could help everyone.

We had a lazy day, I washed our dance outfits (white, white, white!) and pressed the skirts. I try to do this the day before so I’m not so rushed on dance day, we have to be at the church at 2 pm for practice on stage. I’ve simplified our day by bringing everything we need so we can just stay at the church until performance (we used to come home after practice, eat, then go back, very stressful.) Grace caught a cold last night, so we’ve been nebbing her since last night to try to counter anything worse than a stuffy nose. It would be sad to be in the hospital during the Christmas season.

Here are some of the jokes we’ve had with our advent reading: What do you call an old snowman? Water! What was in the bakery for Christmas? A Mince spy (we had to think about that one for a second…a mince pie.) What did the guy get when he stole a calendar? 12 months!

We made a quick run to Wal-mart after dinner to pick up last minute things: barrettes, powder puffs, bobby pins, new tights, etc. James made a pumpkin pie for dessert, I think by the time we get to Christmas we’ll be pumpkin pie’d out.

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