Groundhog day and ice math

Really, casting a shadow here would depend on if you put the groundhog out in the morning or in the afternoon when the clouds for our winter storm appeared. We say….he saw his shadow (so did Punxsutawney Phil) so 6 more weeks of winter starts tomorrow – so says the weather man with his 10 inches of snow prediction. Did you know that we have a predicting ground rat here too? Stormy the marmot (okay, so he’s not a real groundhog) lives in Aurora and he says it will be an early spring..hmmmm……

We got kicked out of the school room as some construction guys came over to build out the storage room into an office. Paint was being sprayed so we relocated to the kitchen table to finish up. Since Grace is highly reactive to air pollution (dust, paint) we’ll be out of the basement until the room is finished and aired out. We did some math, science, reading, phonics, grammar and history and then we took the learning outside.

Hannah was finding the circumference of circles with yarn, Grace was checking with Pi(d), yarn is a little stretchy but they got pretty much the same answers.

Please don’t eat the ice manipulatives until we’re done with them!

Bethany was finding the sides and length of a 45-45-90 triangle and doing volume on the square and rectangular prisms.

There was a Pythagorean triple drawn out too.

Then it was time to smash the math manipulatives, oh the fun you can have destroying stuff.

Here is an odd/even number coloring game, helpful for seeing odd and even numbers in a group. Here is an interactive volume measuring tool, meant for smart boards, but you can use it on the computer. It’s neat to fill the cylinder with liquid and set the amount going out. And this, this is pretty cool for teaching mean, median and range. Start the race and then using the times given find the mean, median and range of the times.

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