Plants and poets with big noses

Hannah had a co-op this morning and Noah was going too, so she picked out a pretty dress to wear. The co-op was on plant propagation, asexual reproduction, genes and cells.

Hannah planted: strawberry, garlic, potato, carrot and aloe vera. They talked about how these plants will produce baby plants that only have one parent. So hopefully the genes and cells from these plants will produce healthy offspring.

We’ve done potatoes and carrots before from cut stems and eyes, but seeing the garlic, aloe and strawberries take root and grow leaves will be neat. Here’s a site that talks about different ways to get plants to grow.

We weren’t home long before we were off again, this time to go see Buntport’s traveling show: Ode to an Ode.

There is the poetry loving, swooning female of the play – Roxanne. Poor Cyrano, all he wants is to tell Roxy how much he loves her, but alas! He thinks his nose will impede their love. In walks Chris, he’s a bumbling guy who writes key chain sayings for a living.

He finds a note and reads it to Roxanne who believes she has found her secret admirer.

Cyrano agrees to help Chris woo Roxanne and shows him poems from the Longfellow to Shakespeare. Here they are reciting The Wreck of the Hesperus, with dramatic pop-up book action!

Cyrano reminds everyone that the pen(cil) is mightier than the sword.

Buntport makes their own costumes and sets, this set was cool.

It’s a bookcase in back and in the front some of the books come out during the show.

They did a great job, as usual. Mitch (Chris) told us that Jessica (Trixie from TRUNKS) would NOT be playing the part of Cinderella at the show next week. She’s having surgery, so the part went to……well, we know, but you’ll have to come to the show 11/19 at 1 or 3 pm and find out for yourself. Go here to make reservations.

Went home, got Joel, went to CAP, the girls did some schoolwork at Burger King and we’ll be heading home in a bit.

2 Responses to “Plants and poets with big noses”

  1. Sparklee Says:

    Looks like fun! I had to memorize passages from Cyrano in French class years ago… Buntports version looks a lot more interesting! :-)

  2. Jessica Robblee Says:

    What a fun post! Mitch stumbled onto this when he was online, and I gotta say, HOW did you get such great pictures? I never would have thought the light in that basement would have been so lovely. Thank you for the well-written capture of our show’s essence!!!

    See you soon!


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