We drove into the mountains today.

For no reason; there was no destination, just a car full of kids and books and a new Christmas CD and snowy mountain ranges.

We did stop at Officer’s gulch, where we did some aspen viewing in the fall.

We tromped through the snow and James led the girls across the icy pond.

I decided to stay on the firm snow rather than risk slippery ice.

The snow makes everything quiet, a whisper can be heard across the way. This quiet is so beautiful, I was reminded of the art that we saw yesterday and the question that the artist asked – how do you describe the sound of the wind, does dirt make sound…I would add – how do you describe the stillness of snow?

The absence of sound when sound is captured by snowflakes and they rain down like the softest kisses. When the only sound is the crunch of packed snow underfoot as you walk through the tundra. How do you express the color, the brightness of snow reflecting the smallest bit of sun?

How do you tell of the way the wind sculpts the snow drifts like a master sculptor; gathering some here, carving out an egress there?

A picture can’t capture it, but I tried.

Fun Friday {cafe’ and MOA}

Some of this might not be fun, but here is what we’re up to in school: Hannah is reading a story about George Washington, working on vocabulary, predicate adjectives and simple predicates, multiplication and division and is reading about explorers for History. Grace is working on linear equations and graphing, reading short stories from O. Henry and the like, doing grammar, vocabulary and reading about South America for Social Studies. Bethany is working on kites, rhombi, and squares in Geometry, has a project for Music, is looking at the economy for Government, she only has one more item in English before the semester final and there isn’t much left to do in her other courses before finals.

For lunch we went to the cafe’ and they had jambalaya soup, so good. They did not have the meatball sandwich today, so Hannah had to choose something else to eat (she picked the turkey wrap.) All the food is good there and you get to help out someone else when you donate for your meal, so it’s a win-win. After that we went to the MOA to see the Mute Earth exhibit. The artist contemplated what sound the earth makes, what does rain sound like, how can you describe wind if you can’t hear it or feel it? So, here are some of the sculptures.

The girls liked the Forest room, they tried to sneak past the wires without moving them.

Most of the stuff that ends up here is abstract, but we thought this exhibit was very interesting.

Old friends, new playground

Wednesday we did school and then I took Bethany to a friend’s house so she could catch up with J and E who have recently come back from China. While they caught up my friend and I caught up too. Thankfully they are back from China for good, though it was a neat experience for them to live there (her husband had a job there.) Once they are done unpacking they’ll be around more, which is good. We had to leave to get Bethany to youth group, they were doing a photo scavenger hunt tonight. The rest of us went to the dollar store and then to Tattered Cover to read books (and to write down books to get from the library.)

Thursday we went to a new playground that is near another friend’s house.

It’s one of those ‘new’ playgrounds, but the Christmas tree merry-go-round thing is really cool (though very hard to push.)

I had forgotten Grace’s meds, so I had her slow down and stop running around and breathe. Then, while escaping from a snowball fight, she slipped and fell down. I didn’t see her and thought she was hiding, then I see her coming toward us crying about how we just left her lying on the ground (which since I couldn’t see I didn’t do, I didn’t know that she was hurt.) This was right before we left the park, so at least we were already leaving. Sigh.

Mini-puppet theaters

That was my co-op this morning. Everyone brought a cereal box per child and we cut them, flipped them inside out, taped them back together and cut two squares in the front/back.

Then the kids decorated the front of the theaters and made popsicle puppets.

Some people made their puppets into popsicles, some people made their boxes into dioramas, some people made their boxes into monster faces.

The kids worked for an hour making puppets and then all moaned when I said they had 30 minutes left. It wouldn’t have mattered if I had said they had 2 hours left, they still would have moaned. I wish we could stay there all day making puppets, but other people were coming into the library. We didn’t have time to show off the theaters and puppets there, but some of us are going to tape a show the kids made at home and post it on the HS board. Hannah and Grace loved making the theaters because they are going to use them with their finger puppets and LPS figurines.

We went to lunch with some friends and introduced them to Pho. It was funny because one of her kids only wanted the noodles and the other only wanted the meat out of the soup. Also, they both got bobas, but they didn’t like those. Hannah was eyeing the rest of the boba and soup, but I told her no.

We got home and finished cleaning up. I made chicken marsala for dinner and roasted some cauliflower, then I spied some extra lemons and made some lemon bread for dessert. Janice came over and we talked and had dinner, the kids all got to talk to her and then the adults took off for Solid Grounds. I had made a TNO for tonight before I knew that Janice was coming over, so we just invited her to come too. We had some coffee at the shop and talked some more and talked with some new HS’ers and then said our goodbyes. She has to leave tomorrow (she usually isn’t here long when it’s for work), but we had a nice visit.

Annie dances

We had no dance today since there was a recital tonight for the Aurora classes. But, the adults met anyway, because we need the practice. We danced for an hour and a half and then I went back home to fix dinner. I don’t know what I was thinking, but we took the freeway instead of the toll way to get to the recital, so it took us an hour to get to the church. I didn’t have time to take pics of Annalivia before the dance and my camera was screwing up while she was dancing, so I only got one pic that is pretty terrible, but at least you can see what they were wearing.

Then I tried to get a pic of her before they took everything off, but she was the first one to get the costume off, darn it.

Anyway the little ones were so cute, they didn’t know what they were doing, but they looked cute not doing it. The other dances were amazing and we got to see what our recessional is going to look like (the dances at each location are different, but the ending recessional is the same.) So that was exciting. I also got a text from my Step-Mom saying that she was coming into town tomorrow, time to clean up!

Snowy Saturday and Sunday

I took Grace and Hannah to Williams Sonoma for a pie decorating class. I think that was our first and last class there. I prefer Whole foods cooking classes. The pies here were pre-made, the dough was pre-made and all the kids did was use cookie stampers to cut out pumpkins, acorns, turkeys and such to place on top of the pie.

Then the pie was baked a little longer and everyone got a slice. The WF classes are longer, they don’t hawk stuff and you get to make something from scratch. The snow was coming down nicely when we left the store, perfect flakes…see?

At home the girls played with their friends, James was at work working on something and I made some peppermint bark candy. For dinner I made fried fish with lemon cream noodles and a blackberry tart for dessert. I added too much milk to my cream sauce, so it was a bit runny, but very lemony. I left the kitchen a mess from all the cooking, one thing I hate about cooking at home….cleaning up afterward.

The girls had a sleepover and James and I watched back to back episodes of Lost before falling asleep. Zoe jumped up on the couch and sat on my blanket, so I pet her. That blanket makes her very static-y so when I pet her, I shocked her, which she didn’t like (but it was funny.)

All of the evening snow piled up and after church we went by Platte park to take some snow pics.

Pretty, enjoy!

Fun Friday {Zoo and 1 Up}

We went to the Zoo for free day today. There weren’t many people there….that could have been because it was in the high 20′s, but I don’t care. The less the merrier.

The lions were chasing each other in one area. We got to see a box turtle named Iris.

They have a new 2 year old lioness from South Carolina, she wasn’t sure that she wanted to get out in the snow, but after some hesitation, she came out and sat on a rock right by the glass.

In the feline area there was a new baby Foosa, we watched it play, then nurse, then curl up next to Mom.

Striped hyenas were fighting over some meat, then we got to see the tiger come out and play with his snack.

They put meat into that ball and he had fun rolling it and getting the meat out until…..oops.

It went over the edge, hence the forlorn look on his face.

There were stairs to get down there, but we didn’t see him come out.

More cats.

Lots of geese were mixing in with the peacocks.

The sea lions seemed happy to be swimming in the ice cold water.

No elephants made the trek outside though.

We found a tiny mouse near a trash can, he was shivering and looked so cold.

So we picked him up and put him in a pile of leaves in the sun and gave him some crumbs. I suppose if he survived the -12 we had the other night, he should be fine tonight. The Stellar sea eagles had a baby somewhere and the penguins were busy cleaning themselves.

We coaxed the cranes out by making bird sounds.

These foxes on stilts (they are wolves) were chasing squirrels.

One of the wolves was under a tree where a squirrel was throwing leaves down on him, funny. We looped by the monkeys and gorillas on the way out.

You know what’s cuter than a sleeping lemur? Lots of sleeping lemurs.

This lemur had one eye open watching us.

These lemur’s look like stuffed animals.

We saw one goat on the mountain, the picture looks like a postcard.

The cheetahs were actually sitting still for once and I got some great pictures of them.

And, last on the way out, the kangaroos.

They had a giant snow globe out front advertising Frozen, but they found that it took too long to inflate once people got inside, so Hannah had to stand outside of it for a pic.

For lunch we went to Buenos Aires pizza and got some figs wrapped in bacon covered in BBQ sauce, empanadas, and pizza. They have really good empanadas there. After that we went to see what was in 1 Up. It’s a video game arcade/bar, but kids are allowed in before 7pm with their parents. They had a bunch of good old games there and let me tell you, old games are hard to play.

I used to think I just sucked at Paperboy, but it turns out everyone sucks because it’s a hard game. Qbert? I got the high score on that one. Galaga? My favorite, again I got the high score (MOM.)

Bethany played Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong.

Hannah and Grace played Pac-man and Frogger. Grace got 4th on Frogger.

I played Joust once, I hate that game. I also played Burger Time and I remember why I hate that game (you only get a shake of pepper to kill Mr. Pickle, Mr. Hot dog and the egg? C’mon!)

Today’s video games are way too easy to play compared to these old ones, I could barely get Donkey Kong Jr. up one vine before a bird bit me. That was fun, I wish that Chuck E. Cheese would add some of the old games to their line-up, but alas, I must drive downtown or to Manitou to play Galaga.

My dinner plans got moved to tomorrow as we stayed in and had pizza instead. Tomorrow the girls have a cooking class at Willimas Sonoma and then they get to play the rest of the day (probably inside since it’s supposed to snow.)

Breaking records

We broke the record low high on Tuesday and Wednesday night we broke the record low low. It was -12. Back in 1882 it was -4 on that day. I don’t mind the cold except that it means less snow, the snow is smaller when the air is colder, so it might snow for 3 days, but you only have a few inches on the ground. I’d rather it snow 4 feet and be sunny the next day. We might have a chance of that on Saturday (snow, not 4 feet of it though), snow and 28 degrees is expected, so a better chance to get some more snow on the ground.

Today we did some school and I threw a pork roast in the crockpot with some apple cider, apples, garlic cloves and onions. I did that for my dinner cooking sanity since I was going to be at the library doing a craft during dinner time. I went to the Denver library and made two terrariums. Everything was there for us to use, but I’m still going to need to go buy a plant for the small vase in the middle of the circle pot, I didn’t want just moss in there. I think they turned out cute.

Tomorrow it’s the zoo for us. Don’t worry, the temp will be in the 20′s while we’re there.

More snow

and here are some swimming videos from the Cay. I made them into 2 videos because I couldn’t find music long enough to cover all of them when they were in one. There is music, so don’t turn up your speakers too loud. Also, the videos are shaky since I was trying to swim, breathe and video tape at the same time. I only had my eye goggles on since the others were leaking, and I don’t have the genetic ability to breathe through a snorkel when my nose is uncovered (James can do it, but not me.)

How cold is it?

Well, it’s been 98 years since it was this cold on this day in November. That’s right, the year Grandma Carberry was born the high for today was 16. We took off this morning to go swim at Apex. There were only 2 other families there from our group, not sure what happened to everyone else. The kids got to swim and the Moms talked and the snow fell. I was a bit worried about going up the huge hill on Ward, but the snow was crunchy, not slippery. It was so cold that the snowflakes were frozen in just the right way that every one that landed was this gorgeous work of 6 sided art. It was had to focus on driving and not just stare at them as they hit the windshield.

We did a little bit of school at home, then I started making angry chicken for dinner. It’s just angry because you use Angry orchard cider in it, which means that you get to drink what’s leftover. It was really good once the cider simmered down and formed a glaze, everyone liked it. It was so cold out side that when I put Maisy’s water bowl out it didn’t take long to freeze, so we just moved her water inside. You could tell it was cold because Maisy didn’t want to go out and pee before bed, fine…hold it all night.

Tomorrow it’s supposed to be even colder and we’re just going to stay in, wear pajamas and do some school and art. Sounds like a plan.

Happy Veteran’s Day, thank you to all who are serving and have served to keep our country safe.

Some school

On a snowy day. We dropped 40 degrees in a few hours here and by the time we went to dance it was snowing. So good to see the white stuff coming down. James set me up on his other computer, it’s a lot bigger than my laptop and the keyboard has taken some getting used to, but at least I don’t have to kick one of the girls off in order to do things. We did some school this morning, Grace and Hannah didn’t do very much, Bethany made a slideshow for Government and did Punnett squares in Biology. She thought the worksheet for making a monster was a bit beneath her, but I think her baby monster turned out cute. You could do the same genetics workout with SpongeBob….which I might do with Hannah and Grace later.

Dance went well, Grace and I finished our dances, Hannah’s class has about 30 seconds left. The snow was very light, but it was cold outside, so when we got home we decided that we were in for the night. I made sweet and sour meatballs which almost everyone liked. We watched some TV and went to bed.

Rewind {Ft. Lauderdale}

One thing that stinks about trying to arrange a flight after the cruise ship comes in is that you have two choices – make a mad dash from the ship and try to catch the early flight, or spend the whole day waiting on an evening flight. We decided to do the latter, but we got a hotel room near the beach. This way we had a place to eat lunch, shower, swim and rest. As soon as we got checked in we headed to the beach.

The water was pretty calm as we waded closer and closer to this pelican.

We found some shells and then headed back to the hotel pool.

The water there was nice and warm and we had a good time floating around until lunch. The restaurant attached to the hotel had an outdoor area and they were cool with you eating there with swimsuits on, so we did that. Then we went back to the room to change and watch TV. Pretty soon it was time to head to the airport, which was packed. We found some seats and waited for our flight. The flight was delayed because it needed to refuel, but I’d rather be on a plane that has enough fuel. I had finally managed to download some books onto my Nook before we left, so I had 2 books and 2 audio books ready for the flight. I think I fell asleep at some point. We arrived home at 1 am and after checking on Cutie, everyone went to bed.

When we woke up in the morning we went to pick up Maisy. Heather, the lady watching her, said that Maisy had started to chill by day two, which means that it only took Maisy 2 days to forget us. It took her about 4 seconds to recognize us when we came to pick her up. She looked at us and then finally a small spark went off in her brain and you could see her eyes light up – my people! My people have come back for me! She would not stop jumping up and licking us for the next few minutes. Crazy dog. Back at home Maisy ran around like a fruit loop, ran outside and chased her squirrel and then came in and made the cat hiss….all was right with the world. We spent the morning unpacking, doing laundry and figuring out dinner. So far we’ve only had a little bit of the room spinning (which we call cruise withdrawal), I suspect that it might take another day for us to start feeling that again, or maybe it’s true what people have said and the more you cruise the less likely you are to feel that after effect.

Now we’re ready for some snow!

Rewind {Grand Stirrup Cay}

Ahh, bliss.

The Cay (pronounced key) is safe in its own harbor, so we didn’t have to worry about waves. The launch was a little rocky going over there, but not too bad. Our goal for the day was to stay on the cay all day, swim, eat, drink, swim, and so on.

James rented a cabana cover so that whomever wanted to could rest in the shade. That ended up being Bethany and Joel.

Once everyone was covered in sunscreen we headed into the water.

I swam out to the snorkel trail, it was a little bit cloudy over there.

They dropped things around to ‘discover’ like a boat, some jars and other things.

Then Hannah and Grace joined us and we swam over to the coral rock.

The water was much clearer there and I got a lot of great underwater shots and videos.

We got out of the water to eat lunch and thought about ways we could stay on the island after the ship left.

We could hide in the water, then sneak back onto land and hide out until the next day. Once people arrived we could blend in (and eat), then go back to hiding in the water.

But, we knew this wasn’t going to happen. So, we went back into the water to swim until the all aboard time.

James went back with Joel and Bethany while the rest of us kept swimming.

In the pic below I was actually taking a picture of the camouflage fish that is resting next to the rock, see him?

Hannah dove down and licked the sand, she said it tasted gross (I know, you have to wonder why she licked it – she said she just wondered what it tasted like.)

We chased fish, picked up shells and annoyed the anemones.

I didn’t have a watch on and I happened to be looking toward the ship when I saw smoke coming out of the stack. Oops! We were pretty far from the beach, so we had to swim all the way back (it was too rocky to get out on the side we were at.) The water was empty, we were the only ones swimming. James came down to the beach and was calling us out. We found Bethany and headed over to the launch. We made it back to the boat with 10 minutes to spare. I’m sure they wouldn’t have left us, but our dream of staying on the island almost came true.

Back on the boat we cleaned up and decided to eat at the buffet. Hannah’s kid spot theme for the night was ‘Wacky tacky’ or pajama party. She ended up getting a rabbit face.

She was excited to go there and we were excited to go to the Vegas show. Joel thought the Vegas show was pretty cool, Bethany too (Grace saw it last time with us.) A pic of our room, we had boat pictures on all the walls.

The time on the ship seemed long, but unlike last time every day did not end in utter exhaustion. We had enough time to relax, to swim, to sight see, to play and to have fun. I’m so glad that the cay was on the last day, it made the whole vacation seem longer.

Rewind {Nassau}

James and I had an awesome Schnooke adventure this morning without the kids. While they slept we went to downtown Nassau. It was so early that most of the shops were closed, which was fine by us since we knew we’d be back with the kids later. We started walking while taxi drivers vied for us, we kept saying no thanks we’re walking…one of them said walking was overrated, maybe but where we were going wasn’t very far so it would have been silly to take a taxi. The people selling stuff and driving taxis were far more in your face here than in Grand Bahama, but usually a polite ‘No thank you’ made them turn away. We headed up the street to the Government house area. Nassau is the capital of the commonwealth of the Bahamas, the largest city and 70% of the people who live in the Bahamas live in Nassau. That accounts for all the cars, which drive erratically on streets that are mostly not named (which made it hard to find the street we were looking for later.) Nassau was originally named Charles town, but after the Spanish burned the city it was rebuilt and the name changed to honor William III the King of England, Ireland and Scotland who was from the house of Orange-Nassau.

This is the Parliament house with a statue of the Queen outside.

Inside one of the houses was a piece from England, the Cayman’s have one too, I can’t remember where it came from.

The other is a plaque commemorating the grant of the island.

From here we headed toward the Queen’s staircase and Fort Fincastle. The first thing you notice as you head toward the stairs is the rock walls on either side.

Tropical plants and trees lean over the edges and climb up the walls.

Back in 1793 hundreds of slaves bored through the rock and carved out 66 steps from the bottom of the rock to the top.

The path at the top led to Ft. Fincastle, the stairs were an escape route from the fort. The stairs were later named after the Queen to celebrate her help in bringing about the abolition of slavery in the Bahamas.

At the fort we were guided around, the cool cannons are replicas, the originals were shipped back to England.

You can see the metal wheel guides that allowed them to push the cannon back and forth.

The Fort never saw action, it was built in 1793 and was also used as a lighthouse.

The water tower was closed, but when it’s open you can go to the top and look out.

We had a great view from the top of the fort though.


We headed back to the ship and took Hannah and Grace to Cabbage beach to swim.

We didn’t swim as much as we just stood knee deep in the water and let the waves crash over us.

The waves had finally caught up to us.

They were as bad as they were in CA, so we didn’t let the girls go in over their thighs. They were having fun jumping into the waves and getting knocked over.

Meanwhile back on the ship Bethany was writing and drawing, shopping, checking out the teen area for games and lounging. Joel was asleep, then he wandered around the ship, but I don’t think he bumped into Bethany until later. We let the girls swim until they got hungry, then we took a taxi back to the ship.

We jumped into the pool to clean off the sand, Grace won the award for most sand in her hair. Hannah’s friend was in the pool so they stayed to swim while James and I sat on the deck. We were going back to the room, but then we saw the cooking going on by the pool. Every afternoon they BBQ something on deck, today they had two giant woks of food going, the paella looked amazing, so we grabbed some when it was done.

We had dinner reservations at Le Bistro, we wanted to be hungry for that so we made sure no one ate too much on deck. The girls had been asking to eat at the French restaurant, but when we sat down and they saw the menu I could tell they had second thoughts. Hannah thought there would be chicken nuggets or hamburgers on the menu, but no. So, they tried some food that they wouldn’t have eaten except for the fact they were hungry. Joel had escargot, Hannah had French onion soup and everyone tried the cornets (a small cone stuffed with duck confit, chicken salad, and pear and blue cheese.) I ordered the chicken marsala for myself and for Hannah, Hannah ate a little of it, but I thought it was very good. Everyone’s food looked really good, except for those snails. Dessert was very good too, creme brulee and other treats. We left the restaurant and had a few minutes before dropping off Hannah at the ‘Spy’ night at the kid spot. I had wanted to play shuffleboard on this trip, but even though I had time here and there, I ended up using that time to watch TV or nap. The show tonight was a crew talent show, we were told to bring our cameras. The show was so good, there were singers, dancers, musicians and the end of the show was funny.

The performers came out dressed in sheets and carrying pitchers, they spit water like fountains, but sometimes the water didn’t go exactly where they wanted it.

I’m glad they asked some of the crew to come and do a bit in the talent show, it was great. The girls thought it was a lot of fun. We picked up Hannah who said she had fun being a spy and then James and I went to bed while the girls stayed up for a bit.

I’m so glad we had the walking trip without the kids, I wish the water had been calmer so we could have gone swimming instead of just standing in the water, but still it was a good day.

Rewind {Grand Bahama}

A new port of call for us and we didn’t know what to expect, but we had a game plan. We let the kids sleep in while we went ashore to check out the straw market. Freeport’s marketplace was way better than Nassau’s.

It was cleaner, the shops were different, everything wasn’t shoved into one space and it was just very nicely done.

We wandered around the shops and I bought a bag for my cameras then we headed back to the ship to wake up the girls. Joel decided to join us on the island, so when everyone was done eating breakfast we went back to the market and caught a taxi. Our taxi driver, Gerry, was amazing. She knew exactly where we wanted to go, which was not just to Port Lucaya.

On the way to Grum ma’s house she told us about Freeport and the island. Freeport, and pretty much everything else on the island, is owned by a company started by a man named Wallace Groves. Groves was from Virginia and saw this island as a tourist destination. He created the harbor, markets, and more to encourage tourist dollars. It shows, the government allows the company to function and it does so much better than if the government ran the show (per what we saw on Nassau.) Gerry said that the island is pretty much crime free and is much slower than Nassau. She said that people in Nassau are crazy…we agree. An interesting note as we drove to the cultural center is that the houses outside of Freeport are generational homes. They are passed down from father to son and if there is no one to live in them, they just become decrepit, the house can’t be sold to someone else. There is still a gap in income between the island natives and those that come to visit, islanders can’t afford the homes on the other side of the island and they still rely on tourist dollars a lot, although not as much as the people in Nassau do.

We arrived at Grum ma’s house, but no one was in (island lunch.)

Gerry showed us around pointing out the Junkanoo costumes that are getting decorated for the festival coming up and other things in the center.

The kids weren’t really interested, I wish the guy had been there to show us some of the things that were hands-on, but after looking around for a bit we decided to go to the beach. Gerry dropped us at Port Lucaya, another shopping district, and told us how to get to the beach.

It was cloudy so we didn’t put sun screen on at first.

Then the sun came out and I told everyone to get sprayed, unfortunately it was windy and some of us got less sunscreen than others. We really wanted to go to a beach that was further down the way across from the park, there was a cave there that looked cool, but it was too far by taxi (translation, it would have cost $100 to get there by taxi and the same to get back.)

So, we just enjoyed the beach we were at.

One thing that we had wondered about was if there was going to be food near the beach, since we were near the shops the answer was yes. Enjoying some fresh coconut water, it tastes good after swimming in salt water.

When we were done swimming we headed back to the shops and had some local food. I don’t think you can quantify conch fritters (like I can’t say who has the best chicken and waffles), but if I could, then I would say that the conch fritters I had at this tiny Caribbean/Austrian restaurant were the best. We had just enough time to look through a few shops before it was time to meet Gerry to take her taxi back to the ship.

We said bye to Gerry and looked at a few more shops before getting back on the boat.

Grace learned how to blow a conch shell at one stall.

The weather was nice, cloudy at first, then sunny and even though it was the same temperature as in February, it felt cooler.

All aboard time was 5:30, but we didn’t wait that long. On the way out of the harbor we got to see this poor boat. We had heard about it while in Miami, apparently they hit the reef while coming into port.

When we left the harbor everyone was looking at that ship and at the reef below.

James and Joel had reservations at Cagney’s steakhouse for dinner, so the girls and I went to the Palace to eat.

Then we shopped, played games and dropped off Hannah at the ‘Hooray for Hollywood’ themed night at the kid spot before heading to the show. Tonight’s show was the Showdown (like American Idol.) We heard the singers, then voted until we had a winner, Lucy! We had rough seas again and the forecast for Nassau was sunny with high waves and they weren’t kidding.